Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scoops vs. Souffle

Scoops vs. Souffle: You Win Either Way!

Why exfoliate? Your body naturally sheds skin cells in a wonderful regeneration process. The only hiccup comes because the cells don't all naturally fall off: sometimes they stick around to clog your pores or just make your skin feel and appear dry and flaky.

We are big on exfoliation around here; we believe in the lovely shine of well-polished skin. As a  result, we have developed several different formulas of sugar scrub (salt is good but we find it to be too rough for most uses.) You can see our scrubs on our website.

Our Sugar Scoops are blended with soap, nourishing oils, and sugar. They are great for scrubbing, especially spot scrubbing rough elbows, knees, and heels. This photo shows a full scoop, which is enough to exfoliate a body:
A portion of a scoop, moistened and voila! Foaming scrub:

The Competitor:
You might remember the making of the Whipped Sugar Scrub. It was really fun!

The souffle is easy to use all over your body (well, NOT the sensitive parts!) It is a soft souffle that spreads fairly easily.

My favorite use: apply to dry skin, a little or a lot:

then add a small amount of water.

The scrub will foam up, the sugar will scrub, the scent will delight you ... then rinse.

You'll be delighted at how easily both scrubs rinse clean! Soft, moisturized skin, clean shower! Our sugar scrubs are available at