Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitting Socks

After about a year of knitting, which involved some waffling back and forth between crocheting and knitting, I had had just about enough of knitting scarves and blankets (note: rectangular shape) and I decided to branch out.

I walked into the fabulous Infinite Yarns in Farmingdale, NY with visions of sweaters - bulky, warm, cozy sweaters - dancing in my head. I saw some fabulous samples in the shop, I eyed and eyed them ... and then I asked Anne, the owner, what she would recommend for my next project.

Yes, I'm sure you've guessed: Socks. She then showed me the sock she was working on, showed me the fabulously tiny needles she was using, and set me on my way.

Here's where I began:

Sensational Knitted Socks This is an "infinite recipe for super-duper socks book. However, I ended up doing my first real sock in a 2x2 rib - not a single one of those fabulous patterns!

Lantern Moon Sox Stix, Size 3 (try them - they're divine!)

And Araucania Ranco Sock Yarn in #302. Splendid!

Ultimately I also added "Getting Started Knitting Socks" to my library to have a reference on hand for a few points. However, the whole "way of doing" is so different from "Sensational" that I'd probably choose one or the other, not both, if I were to do it again.

And, the next cool thing I added to the sock collection comes from ... the nickel-plated DPNs are super.

Happy Knitting!

Cure for Nausea

If you're anything like me, you won't believe this works until someone forces it down your throat and proves otherwise. For those of you smarter than I am, try this the next time your tummy is wobbly ...

Saltines and Coca-Cola.

(Note: If you're anywhere near Mexico and can get your hands on Mexican Coke, that's the very best. They make it using sugar syrup instead of high fructose corn syrup - original Coca Coal recipe.)

Why? Couldn't tell you; all I can say is, "It works." I was suffering from a migraine, which always goes straight to my stomach, when a friend brought saltines and coke and made me take a small sip and a teeny nibble. Another sip, another nibble ...

It's a chemical wonder. In just a few minutes, the mixture had congealed into a solid mass that was the most comforting thing ever! Within 20 minutes I was sitting up in my chair, holding my head up ... CURED!

Go ahead ... try it!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yoga of My Heart ... and other Interests

I was just rambling on and on and on to a co-worker about yoga and she was kind enough to humor me by asking for the link. So, I thought I might as well post it here on the Index of my Life.

Iyengar Yoga Center of La Mesa

That's where it all began for me! But now I've moved downtown and Bodywise Yoga is closer to home. I walk to class - what a treat!

Also, we were having a riotous good time here. Amazing!

Monday, February 18, 2008

This Ought To Scare You ...

Are teachers underpaid? Judge for yourself ...

In contrast, let's look at what the City of San Diego is willing to pay, say, a Trainer.

Teacher? Trainer? You decide ... WHOA!! Teachers - look fast! That job requires a MA in Ed and you probably have one ... and it pays up to $65,556! You may want to look ino this ...

But please don't look at what they'll do for a Solid Waste Inspector ... you might think back on that time little Susie lost her lunch on your foot and wonder what is going on in this world!

Teaching Credentials

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am something of an expert on the subject of teaching credentials (70 units of grad school does NOT come without learning SOMETHING!)

I have answered a few Yahoo Questions about credentials lately and thought it might help to post some of What I Know for general use. (Do I need a legal disclaimer? I deny everything.)

Ok ... Here's some of what I know ...

I went to SDSU for my credential. CSU = less expensive but more random prereqs that could slow you down enough to almost justify the cost of National. National will get you out the door and employed as a teacher in a year, no prob.

I recommend getting info from both private and state schools ASAP to start planning.

Jenn: As an environ. chem major, I assume you would want a single subject chemistry credential. You need to google single subject chemistry ... can you access this: ?

Get your Masters in ed with the credential ... it will only add a few courses and you'll get those extra bucks (about $3k) each year you teach. Note to all: a colleague of mine attended Point Loma Nazarene, a private school, for her MA in Special Ed and was impressed. It turns out that they actually tailor the classes to what you need to know. For her, that was Special Ed, middle school, kids with mild-moderate needs, predominately learning disabilities. nd THAT'S what she studied. Those of you who attended SDSU's "One Size Fits All" program might be surprised.

There are many programs to help recruit teachers: APLE, scholarships, internships, etc. More on those to come ...

Oh, Beloved Sock ...

Today is a wonderful day.

I am DONE with the Foot and ready for a Toe. I tried my Sock on BOTH of my feet, just in case measuring each foot repeatedly and trying it on every three rounds wasn't really accurate enough. I'm sure. It's ready.

Hmmm. Happy sighs of bliss as I reflect upon this fabulous work of art ... Araucania Ranco yarn ...

"The lake Ranco is located in the south of Chile, in one of its most spectacular river and lake systems. The region contains a variety of outstanding natural resources, including lakes, islands, rivers, streams, hot springs, volcanoes, and beautiful valleys. All of these are surrounded by snow capped mountains and virgin forests. The colors of this yarn are inspired by that beauty."

I am using a color no longer listed ... #307, I believe. If your monitor is anything like mine, the color is like #320 ... blue, brighter blue, and a touch of maroon. It's such fun to work along and see each new color appear. Positively magic!

These socks are worked on KnitPicks nickel-plated DPNs. They are as smooth as silk and the 6" length is wonderful ... even though they're more slippery than wood, the length saved all but a few stitches from being dropped. And they are a whopping 2.25 mm in diameter. Each. I've had blood drawn with bigger needles!

Poetry in socks. Yep, picture to follow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stalking Central

Let's face it ... there are some things you just can't talk about in General Public. People just don't get it, and they look at you funny even if they are trying to look understanding.

Yoga is one of those things. You can't describe a great triangle pose, you have to feel it. That will not stop a yoga enthusiast from trying to describe it (with great energy, no less!) but you won't have a clue unless you've done yoga. Enthusiasts, you've been warned.

Knitting is another Unmentionable. No one really cares. Even if they get socks out of the deal or spend the winter snuggled up in a gorgeous alpaca wrap, they still don't care. Not about the pattern you used to make it, not about the yarn shop you discovered and the fact that this was the last bit of said fabulous alpaca ... nothing. Remember Charlie Brown's teacher? You're "Wonk wonk wonk wonk wonk"-ing them. Really.

So... the secret to solving this whole "I have no one to talk to" thing is to find fellow rabid knitters. There are ways, and I am working on discovering them. I've spotted a Stitch n Bitch that meets on Mondays near my house and I am really close to actually going to a meeting. But they meet on Mondays. (Oh, mentioned that, didn't I?)

Problem 1: Mondays aren't great - I think I would much prefer Thursdays. But they like Mondays. Monday is sometimes the night the Male Creature comes home from his dad's house and I couldn't rob him of Mom-Time, could I? Then the other Mondays, well they can be tiring.

Problem 2: The meeting is 1.96 miles from home. I Mapquested it. Too far to walk on a Monday night. (I envision myself with a lot more energy on Thursday, too. ) And if I drive, I have to park when I get there and again when I get home. Do you see how tricky this is going to be?

So I am sedentary stalker for now. Which reminds me - someone here at the office knits. I'm going to the break room to see if I can start stalking her ...

Constructing San Diego ...

I live in San Diego. Downtown San Diego. I spend a lot of time wandering about and I am noticing something very strange here ...

New Construction. It's everywhere.

But the news headlines read (and I paraphrase):

"Housing market declines"

"Mortgages are impossible to qualify for ... "

"Residential vacancy 20 billion per cent. "

We don't even have enough water for everyone we have, especially when you consider the love San Diegans have for growing lawns in an arid climate.

Yet they keep building ... and building ... and building ...

And the funny thing? This is SoCal. No one walks. Everyone loves the suburbs. Nothing says success like climbing into your SUV and driving through an hour or two of traffic each day. So who's going to live here? Where will they work? There aren't any office buildings going up and this is the land of the Strip Mall.

Even better: while the sophisticated writers of this town bemoan the "lack of infrastructure" I happen to notice that even when you live downtown, you still have to get in your car to get to/ do/ see almost anything other than other condos, a few restaurants, and our two very far-off grocery stores.

So what do I do when I get in my car? That's where I hope the story gets interesting ...

When Dear Partner Cooks ...

I'm trying to convince Dear Partner it's OK to follow a recipe. He puts the strangest things together, creating a lot of "close but not quite" results. I think it stems from his utter dislike of eating ... he'd live on vitamins and fiber tabs (or whatever it would take) if he could.

Since he has to eat, he just puts all of the "necessaries" together. Like smoothies: frozen berries, banana, juice, spinach, Brussels sprouts. Or pot roast: meat, carrots, onion, cream of mushroom soup, and barley. Overcooked, with the burned part removed for good show.

Is there a cure for bad cooking? I don't want to have to eat hot dogs anymore!