Monday, February 18, 2008

Teaching Credentials

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am something of an expert on the subject of teaching credentials (70 units of grad school does NOT come without learning SOMETHING!)

I have answered a few Yahoo Questions about credentials lately and thought it might help to post some of What I Know for general use. (Do I need a legal disclaimer? I deny everything.)

Ok ... Here's some of what I know ...

I went to SDSU for my credential. CSU = less expensive but more random prereqs that could slow you down enough to almost justify the cost of National. National will get you out the door and employed as a teacher in a year, no prob.

I recommend getting info from both private and state schools ASAP to start planning.

Jenn: As an environ. chem major, I assume you would want a single subject chemistry credential. You need to google single subject chemistry ... can you access this: ?

Get your Masters in ed with the credential ... it will only add a few courses and you'll get those extra bucks (about $3k) each year you teach. Note to all: a colleague of mine attended Point Loma Nazarene, a private school, for her MA in Special Ed and was impressed. It turns out that they actually tailor the classes to what you need to know. For her, that was Special Ed, middle school, kids with mild-moderate needs, predominately learning disabilities. nd THAT'S what she studied. Those of you who attended SDSU's "One Size Fits All" program might be surprised.

There are many programs to help recruit teachers: APLE, scholarships, internships, etc. More on those to come ...