Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, Beloved Sock ...

Today is a wonderful day.

I am DONE with the Foot and ready for a Toe. I tried my Sock on BOTH of my feet, just in case measuring each foot repeatedly and trying it on every three rounds wasn't really accurate enough. I'm sure. It's ready.

Hmmm. Happy sighs of bliss as I reflect upon this fabulous work of art ... Araucania Ranco yarn ...

"The lake Ranco is located in the south of Chile, in one of its most spectacular river and lake systems. The region contains a variety of outstanding natural resources, including lakes, islands, rivers, streams, hot springs, volcanoes, and beautiful valleys. All of these are surrounded by snow capped mountains and virgin forests. The colors of this yarn are inspired by that beauty."

I am using a color no longer listed ... #307, I believe. If your monitor is anything like mine, the color is like #320 ... blue, brighter blue, and a touch of maroon. It's such fun to work along and see each new color appear. Positively magic!

These socks are worked on KnitPicks nickel-plated DPNs. They are as smooth as silk and the 6" length is wonderful ... even though they're more slippery than wood, the length saved all but a few stitches from being dropped. And they are a whopping 2.25 mm in diameter. Each. I've had blood drawn with bigger needles!

Poetry in socks. Yep, picture to follow.