Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stalking Central

Let's face it ... there are some things you just can't talk about in General Public. People just don't get it, and they look at you funny even if they are trying to look understanding.

Yoga is one of those things. You can't describe a great triangle pose, you have to feel it. That will not stop a yoga enthusiast from trying to describe it (with great energy, no less!) but you won't have a clue unless you've done yoga. Enthusiasts, you've been warned.

Knitting is another Unmentionable. No one really cares. Even if they get socks out of the deal or spend the winter snuggled up in a gorgeous alpaca wrap, they still don't care. Not about the pattern you used to make it, not about the yarn shop you discovered and the fact that this was the last bit of said fabulous alpaca ... nothing. Remember Charlie Brown's teacher? You're "Wonk wonk wonk wonk wonk"-ing them. Really.

So... the secret to solving this whole "I have no one to talk to" thing is to find fellow rabid knitters. There are ways, and I am working on discovering them. I've spotted a Stitch n Bitch that meets on Mondays near my house and I am really close to actually going to a meeting. But they meet on Mondays. (Oh, mentioned that, didn't I?)

Problem 1: Mondays aren't great - I think I would much prefer Thursdays. But they like Mondays. Monday is sometimes the night the Male Creature comes home from his dad's house and I couldn't rob him of Mom-Time, could I? Then the other Mondays, well they can be tiring.

Problem 2: The meeting is 1.96 miles from home. I Mapquested it. Too far to walk on a Monday night. (I envision myself with a lot more energy on Thursday, too. ) And if I drive, I have to park when I get there and again when I get home. Do you see how tricky this is going to be?

So I am sedentary stalker for now. Which reminds me - someone here at the office knits. I'm going to the break room to see if I can start stalking her ...