Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitting Socks

After about a year of knitting, which involved some waffling back and forth between crocheting and knitting, I had had just about enough of knitting scarves and blankets (note: rectangular shape) and I decided to branch out.

I walked into the fabulous Infinite Yarns in Farmingdale, NY with visions of sweaters - bulky, warm, cozy sweaters - dancing in my head. I saw some fabulous samples in the shop, I eyed and eyed them ... and then I asked Anne, the owner, what she would recommend for my next project.

Yes, I'm sure you've guessed: Socks. She then showed me the sock she was working on, showed me the fabulously tiny needles she was using, and set me on my way.

Here's where I began:

Sensational Knitted Socks This is an "infinite recipe for super-duper socks book. However, I ended up doing my first real sock in a 2x2 rib - not a single one of those fabulous patterns!

Lantern Moon Sox Stix, Size 3 (try them - they're divine!)

And Araucania Ranco Sock Yarn in #302. Splendid!

Ultimately I also added "Getting Started Knitting Socks" to my library to have a reference on hand for a few points. However, the whole "way of doing" is so different from "Sensational" that I'd probably choose one or the other, not both, if I were to do it again.

And, the next cool thing I added to the sock collection comes from ... the nickel-plated DPNs are super.

Happy Knitting!