Monday, April 13, 2009

The Steeking Hangover ...

Nah, things are going just fine. For those of you who are wondering how this whole thing is working out, here's a photo of the new edge:

It's not much so far but I not only had to go to work today (sigh) but also had to put down the sweater to work on the baby sweater for Katie who is due in TWO WEEKS.

Knitting Emergency!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Steek

What better way to celebrate Easter than by spending the day outside in the sun, cutting up 6 weeks worth of knitting? My Grandma was by my side (I didn't look, but I think she closed her eyes!) and ... I just did it.

Big shout to my dad for the play-by play of the cutting.

Here is my mark. I sewed (machine stitched - almost made me want to make something) a seam next to my red yarn marker. That's the outer edge of my 10-stitch steek zone. Rating: Easy.

I have my very sharp scissors (borrowed from Talen who sews and has good stuff like this!)

I size it up. Kind of makes you nervous just looking, doesn't it? My Granny was squirming by now!

I am the Sweater Moyel.

True to form, once I get going, I just keep on keeping on ...

That was the easy part ... next comes picking up stitches, making a button band, choosing buttons (Hello, Heartstone Ceramics!) and sewing up the 9 stitches in the armpits. Finish work - it's not my specialty!

Happy Spring Holiday Season!

Steek In Progress

Few words this morning, just wanted to let you see the set-up:

i put an extra 10 stitches up the middle of my pullover as i was knitting, then marked the row just inside where I am going to stitch with some chunky red acrylic yarn (had to get SOME use out of that stuff!)

Closer look:
I will machine stitch in the channel of the row outside of the red marker, then I will cut right up the middle between the markers. For this great to-do, I am taking the sweater to my Grandma Lisali - I need a knitter present to fully appreciate the madness! What better Easter activity could there be??

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quite Possibly the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

There is a certain someone at work who is expecting her third child in a few weeks. Rather than cast on and get busy knitting her a little something for this little newcomer, I busily THOUGHT about what I might make.

I also had my keen eye peeled for IDEAS of what to make for a teeny baby girl, which is how i noticed this on a friends Ravelry page:

Pretty cute, yes? But it pales when you see the complete ensemble:

And this is how I came to buy yet more yarn even though my stash box seems to be full!

Kimono Pattern
Hat Pattern
These pieces were made by yarnvista for the Ravelers out there.