Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Steek

What better way to celebrate Easter than by spending the day outside in the sun, cutting up 6 weeks worth of knitting? My Grandma was by my side (I didn't look, but I think she closed her eyes!) and ... I just did it.

Big shout to my dad for the play-by play of the cutting.

Here is my mark. I sewed (machine stitched - almost made me want to make something) a seam next to my red yarn marker. That's the outer edge of my 10-stitch steek zone. Rating: Easy.

I have my very sharp scissors (borrowed from Talen who sews and has good stuff like this!)

I size it up. Kind of makes you nervous just looking, doesn't it? My Granny was squirming by now!

I am the Sweater Moyel.

True to form, once I get going, I just keep on keeping on ...

That was the easy part ... next comes picking up stitches, making a button band, choosing buttons (Hello, Heartstone Ceramics!) and sewing up the 9 stitches in the armpits. Finish work - it's not my specialty!

Happy Spring Holiday Season!