Friday, October 31, 2008

Look, Kids - Bigotry IS Alive and Well!

Yes, we have had a processional of "Yes on 8" proponents; those people who would choose to violate our constitutional rights to Equality for All.
I didn't have any rotten tomatoes and I wasn't about to waste even a single organic egg (especially after my expensive vote FOR Prop 2 ... those things are PRECIOUS!) so I didn't throw anything, as tempted as I was to indulge in a little freedom of expression.
(Especially good - that's one of my co-workers there, keeping the peace ... and one of our squad cars there on the right side of the photo!)
Didn't we decide after a bloody civil war that Constitutional rights should apply to "people of color" as well as whites? Then a not so bloody revolution and we figured out women were people, too? Are we so dim-witted as a whole that we need to "test" each group? Can we please just efficiently settle on "human" rights?
Besides, as my dear Crazy Aunt Purl put it:
"Everyone should have the legal right to fall in love and get married and spend twenty grand on a divorce which has to be stipulated three years later to include custody of the dentist! EVERYONE."