Friday, November 14, 2008

Get Me Out of the City - Quick!!

Knitting is a very tactile craft. It's amazing how a thin little wisp of yarn being drawn across you finger and knit into the fabric of your piece can feel so different one yarn to the next. This is no secret to knitters who pay sometimes exorbitant prices for particular silks, cashmere ... and the new favorite: alpaca.
Alpaca is divine the way it floats, softer than cashmere, warmer than wool.
And pricey. So I figure: why not just go straight to the source:
That's right. I will cure my desire to get out of the city and my hunger for yummy yarn all in one fell swoop. I'll be an alpaca farmer.
Of course I'll need to move out of the city, find a job to support my habit, wait until the kids are done with school ... there's lots of planning involved. but doesn't it sound marvelous??
I think I need a vacation.