Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Party Favors: Part 2

Please forgive me: this is a very photo-heavy blog. I wish you could see the "flip-show" that I have in my Photoshop when I roll through the photos of the mold filling - I could flip through those for hours!

When we left off, the black pieces were cut and shaped and curing. Today we pick up with the body of the soap and the careful placement of the pieces in the soap base. Enjoy!

Creamy, raw soap ready to fill the mold. It's about the consistency of pudding but not nearly as nice: it is caustic and requires gloves and safety goggles even now. 

Note that the spirals are carefully placed for maximum exposure when the soaps are cut! There's a lot of planning that goes into this. Finally I get to the final layer: 

... and there is nothing to do but cover it and wait 24 hours for cutting time! 

Luckily, I won't keep you in suspense! 

The finished loaf came out just like this:
Then the first cut gives us towers:

Which is cut into bars: 

Which make me happy!!