Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation Readiness

It seems as if we have been getting ready for this trip forever! I have thought about going to Alaska for years but wasn't properly inspired until Becky, April, and Amber were here last summer for the rabbit show. (see archives for bunnies!)
The rabbit show was at the Del Mar Fairgrounds which led to mention of fairs which led to April regaling us with stories of the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, AK.
Darn if that didn't make me homesick for the Bonner County Fair, small town summers, and great friends like Becky and her family!
So now we're almost ready for take off. We have our warm clothes out, jackets ready (for our wimpy San Diego blood) and reservations in hand.
We will keep you posted - please comment so we'll know we're still connected to home!
Tuesday is take off- stay tuned!

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