Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahh... nothing more than an update to catch everyone up on the goings on around here. May '09 shall be summed up with "The Month Noah Was Sick." On to June ...

Noah has been out of school since ... well, way back in May. At least 5 weeks with a virus, Bells Palsy, and migraines. It's been spectacular. After 2 1/2 years of struggling to keep up between bouts of what we thought was IBS but now seems to be abdominal migraines, I have just given up. It's a wonderfully freeing feeling!

We are going to the pediatric neurologist next week to find out exactly what causes all of these (By "all" I mean daily. Every day. Without fail.) headaches. His doctor and his current school director have both recommended home schooling or a variation thereon for a while and I'm starting to think it might just be a good idea. A pain in the butt, but a good idea. More on homeschooling in the near future ...

And at work .. well. I have been working so hard and thinking so hard the past few weeks my trainer probably saw smoke coming from my ears. I was about ready to give up and head for phones when we started; I thought I was at the end of my learning curve. But Kristina busted me right through. And how you ask??

Like this:

By completely overwhelming me with 100's of pages of Mobile Field Force, SWAT, and Critical Response Team data. By scaring me to death with endless maps of our divisions, long lists of beat responsibilities ... an overload of information. So much information that suddenly *poof* telling two officers to point their cars toward a bad guy and do their thing seemed SIMPLE.

See why I am so difficult? Do you see?

That was all going so well that we signed up at the Y. We've been doing cardio on the bikes, lifting weights, and swimming. The swimming is fun time but today I think Noah swam 6 laps or so ... not bad for a sick kid. He might recover yet!

And in anticipation of Food, Inc, and all it brings ...

... we round out the week with Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmm... Those are fair trade, organic chocolate chips you see there - and tasty!!