Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eating Eco

With the coming of Food, Inc. and a sick son on the mend, we've been inspired to eat more healthy food. We are striving to eat - food. Just food. Not processed food, not something that resembles food. Just food.

We started at the Mercato in Little Italy.

Enjoying a conversation with the farmers who grow this produce; the farmers who raise the chickens. How else would I know that of all the egg-layers at San Pasqual Academy, none have fallen ill with the tragic chicken sicknesses so common in commercial layers. Why important? Because if your chickens aren't crammed together and making each other sick, they don't need to be injected with antibiotics. Hmmm.

Some familiar faces are also at the Mercato. Here we have what might just be Bread and Cie - although I'm not sure and there are several artisan bread vendors.

And is that Venissimo behind there? Noah sampled his first pecorino cheese and enjoyed an imported goat gouda at that very booth. Delicious!

The Mercato is every Saturday morning from 9 to 1. Come enjoy some sustainably farmed produce, imported cheeses and fresh breads. Your tastebuds will thank you!