Friday, July 31, 2009

Sharon Kay Penman Books

Because I am a dork and I want to be able to remember this:

1101-1154 - When Christ and His Saints Slept (Volume 1 of a trilogy)
1156-1171 - Time and Space (Volume 2 of a trilogy)
12th century - Devil's Brood (Volume 3 of a trilogy)
1192-1193 - The Queen's Man
1193 - Cruel as the Grave
1183-1232 - Here Be Dragons (Volume 1 of the Welsh Trilogy)
1231-1267 - Falls the Shadow (Volume 2 of the Welsh Trilogy)
1271-1283 - The Reckoning (Volume 3 of the Welsh Trilogy)
1459-1492 - The Sunne in Splendour

Yes, that is all of them, in chronological order. What a relief! : )

And for good measure:

My lovely Talen taking a moment to beautify with a Lavish clay and kelp mask ... complete with SD Pride-inspired Rainbow manicure!