Saturday, November 12, 2011

Indoor Gardening: Let's Give It a Try

A friend of mine recently began working as a rep for a company that produces some really great self-watering pots. I was so inspired by her winter garden that I've decided to start an indoor garden and grow some of my own food.

The tricky part? I live in an apartment with no real outdoor space. Our patio is almost completely enclosed by overhang, solid railing, and a sturdy concrete floor. And if that weren't enough, we have cloud cover to block out any remaining sun.

My first attempt at growing will be a twist on hydroponics with a soil base so that I don't need to run a filtration system for the growth solution. This is where the self-watering plants come in, filled with a very light soil mix and organic fertilizers.

The next addition will be fluorescent grow lights. Thanks to all of the pioneers in the illegal growing industry, these are now readily available in various sizes and fairly inexpensively. And you thought the pot smokers weren't doing anything ...

Step One: Clear out this under-utilized space in the dining room.