Monday, April 2, 2012

Foaming Sugar Scrub for April Birthdays

This was a fun weekend in my kitchen. I remembered just in the nick of time that I had purchased the ingredients for a new sugar scrub and I had a few special people with birthdays coming up and needed gifts.

Here's how it went:

1. Everyone in the pool: glycerin soap, oil, foaming scrub base blend together.

2. Whip like mad until it starts to look like marshmallow cream:
3. Add fragrance (Noah blended this one especially for his grandma) and a touch of color:
Add sugar bit by bit, keep on whipping, and voila: 
A soapy, sugary, sure-to-be-foamy exfoliating sugar scrub. If you stick your finger in it, this is what you get:
That's no trick photography: that scrub is sure-as-sugar thick enough to stay put. I LOVE when I get to play with soap in my own kitchen - it's such fun to play! 
And since these were special edition birthday gifts, they got their own special labels:
Happy Birthday, Mom!