Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fascinating Facts ... And MORE

First, a simple thing I always forget: What does i.e. really stand for??

ie: (id est) That is (to say)", "in other words", or sometimes "in this case", depending on the context. Never equivalent to exempli gratia (e.g.), although frequently so used.Id est, i.e., "that is", is commonly abbreviated "i.e."; in this usage it is sometimes followed by a comma, depending on style

And how was my day, you ask?

Well today I took my first live calls at SDPD. That's right, I just un-muted myself and started taking calls. "San Diego Police, this is Anniessa." and answered a few questions. Cancelled a call, etc. Yep. I am a real rock star now!

I'm happy to report that I'm still at the stage of looking forward to going to work each day. I don't feel the need to struggle to the next outpost. I don't need to: earn a degree, secure a teaching position, earn a paralegal certificate, or sell more ads than the whole department put together.

I just go to work, learn my job, and do my job. Does this mean I've finally found my fit? I look forward to seeing where this path leads. I happen to think it will be one of the more calm periods in my life!

But for now, the Ultimate Prize for any dispatcher: